We work with municipalities, institutions, property managers, developers, and consultants, offering a full range of building science solutions. Our goal is to clearly understand the specific needs of our clients, and to offer the best solution within the means of the clients.

We also assist our clients in planning and financing their projects, including the applications for energy grants with BC Hydro, BC Gas, and NRC.

Services we offer within our Building Science Division include the following:

  • Building Envelope Condition Assessments
  • Depreciation Reports
  • Pre-purchase Facility Audits
  • Maintenance and Renewals Plans
  • Building Envelope Design and Detailing
  • Building Envelope Remediation
  • Peer Review for Building Envelope Design
  • Warranty Reviews
  • Water Penetration Testing to ASTM E1105 and AAMA 501.2
  • Computer Modeling for Thermal and Energy Performance

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